Monday, February 15, 2016

February 2016

I have told myself that if I can update on the week I don't have class that would be good enough in this season.  So, this morning, Monday, I have officially finished my first college class!  I have a week off and then the next class starts up.

I am happy with how it went.  It wasn't easy, but I feel like I did my best & that the grade reflects that.  I am still waiting  on the grade for my final project, but I know that even without that grade, I won't go lower than an 80%, should be in the upper 90's unless I did something really crazy wrong on my final project!

Leah made the Dean's list on her first semester of college.  She sends me a photo with the caption "get on my level"... I told her I am trying!  Not sure what she thinks of her mom going to college the same time as her, but I think it's kinda neat.  At least I am not showing up on campus and walking to her classes with her!  Pretty sure I know how she would feel about that one!!

This past week marks one year since I had Kiahna admitted to the behavioral center.  I have been just thanking and thanking God for the progress and the miracles He has done in the past year of her life.  A year ago was one of the lowest points for me ever and to see the way God has provided and brought hope again is overwhelming.

One day at a time, the disability isn't gone, but is sure is livable at this point.

Zach has moved back in to my house.  It's going okay.  His life is on the top of my prayer list.

Jadon has started middle school swimming, and he is doing really well!  Thankful he is finding his talents and working hard on them.

Lucas is working hard on his part in the musical.  It's less than a month away.  Always love musical time.  Lucas is a Junior this year and has a pretty big part in the play.

God keeps speaking to me daily about Jim.  I definitely don't feel released of the situation.  I love how God is teaching me and the way He leads.  I have no idea what is going on with Jim in the natural.  None.  I am sure that if I did, I would deal much more with discouragement over the whole situation.  But, God is doing something.  He confirms it to my heart over and over again.  I don't understand what it is but I know it's something big.

My personal goals at this point are to be obedient to God's plan.  To learn what He needs me to learn for whatever is ahead.  To take steps forward when I feel His leading, even when I don't see why.

The Bible's reporting of this event shows Abraham's stoic obedience to what God had said:...But the irrationality if this divine command could not have been lost on him... It made absolutely no sense--the same way some of the events in your life perhaps seem to make no sense.  You can't believe as you pray, that this is happening.  What is God doing?... God was revealing Himself vividly as JEHOVAH JIREH" -The Lord our Provider"     --The Battleplan for Prayer, Stephen & Alex Kendrick

Just one example of how God is confirming, speaking and teaching me in this season.  I read this, this morning.  After God has brought up Abraham, Sarah & Isaac's story to me 4 times in the past week in different places.  Starting to take note that He is trying to get a message through to my thick head!

Thank you for your amazing prayerful support through this long, crazy journey.

My next class is a writing class... we will see where that takes me!!

Be blessed, and I won't probably check back in here until March, unless something huge occurs!!

In His Grip,