Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Road Trip One

Sometimes I don't know where my crazy ideas come from.  Maybe a stubborn refusal to let life circumstances keep us from living is the motivator.  Maybe I am just nuts. Maybe a good mix of both!

I planned a couple of trips this summer. (not vacations note that).  My first trip was planned as a little test run for the second trip, and it was planned because this part of the trip didn't fit into the plan for the bigger trip I ultimately wanted to take.

We visited my cousin Shantel and her family in Indy for a couple of days. We, being Jadon, Kiahna and myself.  Everyone else has summer jobs that they can't take that much time off.  I need them to work so they can pay for their lives! Adulting isn't always fun.

A couple of things, we purchased new bikes.  Our old ones were horrible.  We made an investment and got nice bikes, hoping to spend lots of time riding them this summer.  And we did!

We also invested in a tent and some camping supplies, but I have yet to sleep in that myself. I blame the heat & rain, but that might be an excuse too.

A photo journey of our indy trip!

Anxious to get started! She has her smile, what more could she need! (yes thats my white leg)

Happy with new Dvd players on their laps!

SWIMMING! Carmel city pool with Dylan & Kyla

Jadon and Dylan selfie I found on my phone. 

Super happy after riding bikes over to Butler University campus.

Not even going to smile for ice cream... I see how it is.  Bike rides to ice cream shops!

When in Indy... you visit the Colts shop!

And take weird elevator groupies and cut people out.

Lunch downtown Indy at Pie Five Pizza!  Kind of like a Subway for Pizza!

New bakery downtown Indy, Frona Mae... excellent!

She gave me this fake smile, she wasn't happy and wouldn't' eat the expensive dessert we were all supposed to be sharing.

Because.  I should have take one with me in it.  Duh.

Climbed to the top of the Soldiers and Sailor's Memorial in the Circle.  Well, they climbed.  I paid to take the elevator with Kiahna.  Pick your battles.  

Visited our first Rocket Fizz shop! Crazy, crazy drink flavors!  We did not buy these

Dylan and Jadon purchased sodas, but not the crazy flavors!

And then it rained and we went to a movie theater downtown in the Circle Center mall with recliners... saw Finding Dory.  Much to 12 year old boy's dismay.

Another bike ride to beautiful Butler campus... much better mood...

And ice cream. again.  I actually had a watermelon sherbet this time, it was really different and good!

She's proud of her improved mood!

Kids took a photo of Shantel & I before we left! 

Bike ride on the Monon Trail and some interesting sights at the Art Museum along the way!

After having to call 911 because we couldn't find Jadon on the Monon Trail... we headed home.. sweaty and ready for more adventures!

Thankful for police officers who help you find children who think they are grown ups and get themselves lost.  Wasn't a big deal, thankfully!

Great to spend a couple days exploring Indy!  Looking forward to more adventures to come!

In His Grip,


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