Thursday, June 25, 2015

Break neck summer & some answered prayers!

I know it's been awhile again, I can't do it all.

Graduation Open House was a huge success.  So much work, but so much fun...  A couple photos!

Since then, life moving on, at it's break neck speed...

Two weeks of VBS for the two youngest.

Jobs for the olders ones (Z keeps changing jobs, but that's a whole story in itself)

Lots of photoshoots for me.

Two weeks of summer school for K.

Tons and tons of rain.  A little water in the basement.

Still cleaning up graduation.

Some new doors, to repair what K kicked in last winter.

New doors = some painting.

Really, really good days for K right now though.  She is just doing better than she has in so long.  She is sleeping well (which is giving me a good break from her)  She is capable of doing life much better than she was.  Not typical, that's not what I am saying, but she is soooooo much better.  Not violent, not angry, not impossible to take in public.  Overwhelmingly thankful.

Okay, and there is something else.  I don't know how to say this correctly & I don't want to say too much...

For those of you who have been with me for the past ten years or longer.  Some miracles are occurring.

I was told some words from my Ex-husband that I never dreamed would actually be said.  Some may say they are ten years too late.

We will see what God is doing.  We will see what His plans are.  Trusting that my life is safe in HIS hands.

Believing that He has a plan for my life.  And desiring to be what He wants me to be.

I know.  

In HIS Grip,