Monday, May 11, 2015

My life is an amusement park!

Life is so crazy.  I really don't love roller coasters, and life can feel like one sometimes!  I like Lazy Rivers.  Sometimes I wish life could me more like that and less like the roller coaster!  I think I would enjoy it more!

But, we have reached the end of a large roller coaster ride called High School, for Leah.  We just have two weeks of school left (thank you e-learning days).  I am in a sort of shock/denial/awe state.  I can't believe another one is going to be out of high school!

A week ago was her senior prom.

So. Much. Fun.

And as every girl dreams, her mama got to come to the prom with her camera :)  Here's a large share of the photos from last weekend!

At her hair appointment.  She's pretty enough to go just like this!

Her date, and very good friend, Noah arrives!

Some photos with the cousins!

These are hilarious, and I am so happy to have them.  She was voted best laugh in her class.  

With friends:

I loved this day.  


Kiahna is doing super grand.  I mean.  Super.

I am praying, praying, praying it lasts a long, long time.

News from Wrap around services.  We were approved.  The facility in Ft Wayne isn't offering respite care at this time.  Looking in to the possible option of someplace else.  Loving that we aren't in crisis at this point and we can wait & figure it out.

Please let it last.


Yesterday was Mother's Day.

I learned long hard lessons over many years as a mom & a single mom, the biggest enemy for mother's on mother's day is her expectations.

I was totally blessed to be able to spend the day on Saturday with some women at a retreat.  To spend the day filling up my empty tank.  Praying & being prayed for.  Worshipping.  Stopping.  RESTING.  Nothing is better.

Sunday I got to see all my kids.  (see my new header)  And I got to be with my mom & my sisters & all the family.

I am choosing to love.  I am praying for the grace to love.  To be love.  

I wrote this morning:

My Mother's Day weekend was blessed.  Because of God.  Because He fills my heart with joy, and today I am not in a place where I need people to to be something more right now so I can be filled.  I can love people where they are like this and I am free from the bondage of expectations and strife.  I am in love with my Savior & I am blessed by the power of HIS name.  By the pouring out of HIS grace & peace.  It is well with my soul.  And it is good.

I am thankful for peace.  

In His Grip,