Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving week

Good morning!  It's Monday of Thanksgiving week.

Events in my household include a son that started at the police academy, a son that got laid off his job & a daughter who chose a college for next year.  No one in sports, unless you count elementary basketball, which I don't count.  A change in meds for one, a new hairstyle (goodbye braids), and a house all decorated for Christmas, half cleaned, & still in recovery from the busy season of the fall.  An early snowfall, which I loved.

James started at the police academy last week,  he will be there during the week until the end of March.  He gets the weekends off & has been up in Mishawaka with his wife, as it should be.  Strange to not have him around again.  It's kinda nice to have a mature adult in the house to talk to & trust.

This will be my first holiday as a mother-in-law, its weird.  I want to be a good one, without making Brookelyn feel annoyed.  I am sure it will go great!  Brookelyn is amazing!

Zach got laid off of his job a week ago Friday.  Let's see how I put this best.  He is very much in need of a job.  Motivation.  A life.  A Saviour.  And is driving us crazy.  Is that general enough that you can read between the lines.  Most of the time I am letting him go & not spending time being worried about him.  God has this.  I have to believe that.  Then other times I think, if I was only praying harder, maybe things would be better.  There is a battle, one that has not been won, one that I wonder if it will ever be over in Zach's mind.  He is better in some forms and other forms he is worse.

Leah has chosen a college for next fall.  She is planning to go to Huntington University.  She should have a great scholarship there according to her GPA & SAT scores, that's before our financial information.  She is undecided on a major, and that is okay.  We visited there last Friday & her admissions counselor was encouraging her that it is totally ok with not having a major coming in to the first year, he says he wishes more people did that.

I must admit it will be hard to see her go, she is such a great girl.  She does a lot for me at home & is pleasant to have around.  She has been working at Pizza Hut since summer & that keeps her busy, along with Campus Life & Church activities she has a full life.  She is not anxious for graduation, she would rather stay young & in high school most days.

Lucas finished his sophomore year of football on JV, getting more playing time this year than last, he has passed his two brothers in height & enjoys running.  He is running with the distance track coach this winter, rather than being in an official sport.   He isn't causing any trouble, keeps to himself, enjoying being over at his friends houses & away from his younger 2 siblings.  That part makes me sad.  But I am glad he has good friends.

Jadon is playing JR Jets basketball & wants to do AAU this winter, he enjoys it.  It's painfully obvious he has had no home teaching in this area, but that hasn't stopped him.  He does not enjoy football, he refused to go to the school camp I signed him up for this summer.  He does enjoy running and did a running camp this fall.  He is smart & does well in school, for the most part gets along, he does have some issues with his mouth getting him into trouble.  He just can't be quiet.

At home Jadon has good days & bad, he gets upset pretty easily & likes to be treated as an adult and forgets he is only 11.  He does better with Kiahna than anyone else, when he is willing, which is often, he can keep her entertained & do really well with her for long periods of time.  But, he can also cause her to go off faster than anyone else too.  Just by being unwilling & then I get the worst out of her.  Delicate balance here most days.

Kiahna had another med change.  The one we were using seemed to lower her anger, seemed to be increasing it.  How crazy it is to try to keep on top of this!  It also seemed to have been causing her a tick of pulling out her hair.  I was finding braids in the trash can by her bed!  Finally after a couple times of this & realizing she was pulling all the hair around her hairline back to almost 4 inches of no braids, I pulled out the rest of the braids that were there & she has been wearing an adorable afro.  She isn't wild about it, but is is adorable!

This was when we first removed the rest of the braids, you can see just how much hair is pulled out & how short is is around the hairline.

Headbands are our friends, she looks adorable in them.  I wish she liked herself in them. I have been  making her look at herself in the mirror and tell herself she is pretty.  

The decision has been made, after her recent IEP meeting to take her off the diploma track and put her on a life skills track.  Its so hard to accept that we did this when I stop and think about it, but it was also an easy thing to decide when it came down to it.  She is functioning academically at an early first grade level (she is in 4th), socially she can range from 3-4 year old to lower elementary at times. She does well with older kids who coddle her & the worst with her own peer group.  Developmentally I am praying we can slow things down.  I would say she is very close to puberty with the things her body is doing.  Praying for a Devine intervention here.

I am enjoying the slower paced schedule for work.  I love it when it's busy season, but I also love it when it's over too.  Things couldn't feel more blessed with my business.  I am enjoying getting my house back in order, spending some down time & decorating for Christmas.  I have no shopping done at all, I don't really enjoy that part of the holiday.  

My heart is learning to be Thankful all year though, I loved reading & rereading Ann Voskamp's book 1000 Gifts.  I enter this Thanksgiving season, feeling like I am so very thankful & working to be so each day.  

So, that's all for now.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Friends!

In His Grip,


Monday, November 3, 2014


I warned you October was going to fly by packed full!

I didn't take time to update here, obviously.

I haven't taken the time to count how many shoots I had, how many photos I took, or how many hours I have spent on my laptop editing, but I am going to take the time to count a few blessings.

  • God never let go of us once.  He provided strength, physically & mentally.
  • My family was supportive & helped out in so many ways.  
  • My kids took on more cleaning & taking care of the house & yard.
  • My parents were amazing babysitters, there for me full weekends when I was shooting two weddings.
  • My dad fixed broken things in my house & was right there, so I didn't even have a chance to stress about it, just laugh and let him help me.
  • My cameras & equipment all did very well through the entire season.
  • My editing isn't even all that behind!
  • I am looking forward to more weddings in 2015!  Lots of inquiries and 4 bookings already!
  • My heart is just overflowing with joy & thankfulness, I know beyond a doubt where my help comes from & who is in charge of this business, family & my life & I can't stop praising His name for all the amazing provisions!
To see all the previews of the photos I took this past month, you should follow my business page on Facebook or Instagram. Pam or @MomentsbyPam.  My blog is here, but it isn't quite as up to date!

I'll leave you with a few photos from homecoming last month, Leah was on the court and we did some fun photos with her & her friends!