Monday, August 25, 2014


It's Monday again here in the midwest.  The forecast calls for "oppressive" humidity.  Not sure I have ever felt "oppressive humidity" not sure I ever wanted to.

While I do strive to be thankful in all things, and complaining about the weather always seems to be a tad bit (a lot) in vain to me.  This is definitely my least favorite thing to see on the forecast.

It's miserable & we will be out in it, playing football, working, standing there taking photos while sweat drips down your back.  Dangerous heat.  Hoping my boys listen and drink water, wondering if the boil water advisory is lifted in Decatur & hoping everyone has enough to drink today.  Yes, this is America.

We celebrated my dad's birthday yesterday!  This was part of the group, others were gone swimming, sunday school party and Colton is at Purdue for his freshmen year of college.  James & Brookelyn were wanting to take off for home, so we went ahead & sang.

Then we sang again.  Love Eva's face.  

It was good to have these two around this weekend.  I will complain just a tad that I didn't have the space to keep them here comfortably so I had to share & let them stay at my parents house.  Cut into my time.  Plus the came also for Alex & Kristin's showers & I shared with them too.  I won't complain about that though.

I think I am allowed to officially say that James is now an "unsworn officer" for the Bluffton Police Department!  He will be attending the police academy in November-March & they will be moving to our area by spring!  Not sure my feelings on the police work equal my feelings on the moving close to home, but I guess I'll take them both.

It's Kiahna's birthday week this week.  She has been looking forward to this all year.  Let's hope she is not disappointed!  Ha!

The celebration started last night with the family, I am sure it will be a fun week.

I was sick last week, Kiahna was home on Tuesday with it, then she gave it to me.  Just a cold, but a nasty one.  Used my oils for the first time with a cold.  I have to say a few things about that.  First off,  Thieves is amazing.  I had no tickle dry throat when I slept.  Going to purchase the Thieves spray, but this time I just dumped it down my throat & it was incredible.  Couldn't taste or smell a thing (and if you have smelled Thieves, you know how crazy that is) but it was working obviously.  The other thing that amazed me is that I have barely blew my nose.  I mean all night long.  Slept.  No tickle & no snot.  I can't tell you where all that usual drainage went, but it seems to be dissolving without the usually annoyance.  I will say this, I still felt awful.  Weak, tired, achy, coughed a bit, hard to breath in the humidity.  I used RC, peppermint, thieves, lavender, & purification.  I diffused like crazy & applied it topically.  All those except RC come in the starter kit.

I do sell Young Living Essential oils, if anyone is interested in trying them.

Well, hats off to the Monday morning phone call that I just got to the wrong number telling me "good morning beautiful friend", I don't know who it was, because she never said, but I knew who she was looking for & she knew me I guess I'll take it.  

Have a great week & drink your water!

In His Grip,


Monday, August 18, 2014

4 days down

First 4 days of school are down in the books.

The silence is golden.  Not going to lie.  Even the fan is too much noise.

First day of school photo.

Jadon:  5th, Kiahna: 4th, Lucas: Sophomore, Leah:  Senior

Putting exercise back in my day.  Necessary ingredient.  It was good to be back, but my body was hurting.  Hurts good.  My summer therapy seems to have become eat away the stress.  

Football photo day.  First scrimmage.  Happy boys, Happy cousins.  Smiling for Grandma.

Lucas #81, got James' old number this year, pretty pumped about that!!  Koty, senior, star player, so excited for his season, prayerful he stays healthy & safe!  Sam, freshmen.  (my sister Lana's 2 boys)

Koty's Senior banner, I photographed & Kathy J designs.

Peanut butter pies for the football fundraiser, and a family reunion this weekend.  An AC tradition.  

My good friend, Lora's daughter Holly was married.  I enjoyed being a guest at the wedding & helping set up and tear down.  J & K went with me and did pretty well as my dates.

Early morning drive on Sunday was worth the wake up for this:

Here we are, first Monday, K woke up on her own, dressed & happy!  She loves her routine, it wasn't all easy last week getting back into the routine, but I foresee a better week ahead!

My sister took her oldest to Purdue over the weekend.  She is struggling with this next stage.  She could use a prayer.  We can't seem to say anything to help her, she just likes to be sad for now.  (even though she has nothing to be sad about, except he doesn't live with them for now)  It's easy on this side to say, buck up, you have a responsible, smart, driven, moral, strong son who has goals and is set to succeed.  Stop complaining.  But, that makes her mad.  So, I will try to sit in her puddle with her and let her be sad I guess.  

My house hasn't gotten clean yet, my own time management needs a kick in the rear, but it's good to be on the path to more structure in our lives.  Good chance we will see James & Brookelyn this weekend!  My dad has a birthday on Sunday and we are hoping for the whole family together (minus Colton who is at Purdue, but we won't talk about that for now)

Have a great week friends!

In His Grip,


Monday, August 11, 2014

Last day of summer vacation

Here we are.  Last day of summer vacation.

I find that many of the things I am looking forward to about the school year starting are also the same as many of the things I will miss about summer.


I am looking forward to having a routine, getting up earlier & getting more done.  Listening to my alarms, have a cleaner house & more quiet times.  Getting work done when my kids are not around so we can play better when they are.  Starting Bible Study up again.  Football season.  Interacting with the kids at school.  Getting back to the gym, not feeling so much anxiety & disorganization.

I have enjoyed not waking up with an alarm, being more flexible in our routine, letting the housework go and just having fun instead, ignoring my alarms, and not exercising.  No sports schedules, no homework, no stress of interacting with people at school.

Isn't it interesting.

Kiahna has had a really good summer.  I wonder what her 4th grade school year will be like and what will happen with her learning and her interactions with friends.

I look forward to having a senior again, I wonder what college Leah will choose & what adventures we will have this year?

Lucas will be a sophomore & Jadon will be in fifth grade.

I am ready.  Summer holds a lot of pressure.  Pressure to have fun.  Pressure to relax.  Pressure to create memories.

It was a fast summer.  It was a good summer.

A few more photos...

My garden favorite.

Swimming at the neighbors

A day trip to Indy, and dinner with family.

A ride in Uncle Ray's Corvette.  They didn't know what a Corvette was when he asked.  Yes, they are country kids.  

With second cousins we don't see nearly enough.  Kyla (in the black) was Chip in Beauty and the Beast and we watched that before meeting them for dinner.  So fun & so worth the trip.

They like the Corvette.

Kiahna's behavior has been 95% better for her.  We went to a family pot luck on Friday evening, and she played with the other kids (and Jadon) all evening and didn't ONCE come to me for anything.  This, my friends, has NEVER happened with her.  Never.

We went to Indy & watched the play, ate dinner, no issues.  Not one.  She sat.  Watched, Ate, Colored.  Perfect.  

In fact my cousin, who has not been around her, was having a hard time believing the journey we have been on & the turns we have made.

On the way home, she was upset about the seating arrangements, (ya, I was in the back on the way there, I would have been upset too) she ended up kicking me hard in the neck as I leaned over the seat to try to deal with her.  My body is highly in need of that chiropractor appointment on my schedule today.

Z has been quiet.  I have been letting him be for the most part.  Continued prayers for his life.

Feeling thankful, blessed, protected & loved.

In His Grip,


Monday, August 4, 2014

How our summer has been

Last week of summer vacation is really here.

As I reflect I have much to be very thankful for.

Jadon & Kiahna have been getting along like they have never done in their lives.  Not only are they playing together, but they are not fighting (very often) and they are happy, and quiet & calm.

Let's all pause a moment and take that in.

Kiahna has also, for the first time in her life, adjusted herself to sleeping in over the summer, we have enjoyed longer evenings & late mornings.

This week we will work very hard on putting that back where it needs to be.  Early evenings, early mornings.  

Either that or we will move to California where they are 3 hours ahead of us.  Not sure which sounds easier.  :)

With James married and not around, Zach & Lucas both working 8-10 hour days all summer & Leah working many evenings at Pizza Hut, we have had a lot of time this summer just the three of us.

I even left for an overnight stay in Indy, for my aunt's funeral.  Left them home with Leah.  No one died.  They didn't even complain.  

Let us pause and think about that miracle too.

Don't get me wrong, we aren't suddenly typical, there are still situations that I would not want to be in with Kiahna and I don't think that she could handle.  I don't know what school is going to be like this year.  I don't know that her learning is going to improve.

Leah told me she had a dream last weekend when she was on a retreat.  She said, "Kiahna got angry and she responded like a normal person.  More mature than her age".  I pray this was a vision and a promise for a future that will be on a more normal than I can imagine scale.

So, here is to the last week of summer.  May we all enjoy & be blessed & adjust our sleep patterns.

In His Grip,